A Lecture on Employment Knowledge Themed Imagining the Future with Condensed Youth Successfully Held at JSCVC

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On the afternoon of December 18, 2019, classroom 203 of the teaching building on Yingtian Campus of Jiangsu Open University (Jiangsu City Vocational College) was fully packed with juniors and sophomores who were attending a lecture on the theme of imagining the future with condensed youth. The lecture was sponsored by Communist Youth League Committee of Nanjing Jianye District and co-organized by Youth League Committee of JSCVC. 

We had pleasure to have invited Mr. Ren Chao, Honorary Deputy Secretary-General of Nanjing Human Resources Industry Association, to lecture the first part to the students.  Focusing on the topic of VUCA era - how to find a desired job , he set forth the current social situation of the market which made it difficult to get employed and analyzed three causes responsible for it. Teacher Ren presented the idea of future work - mutualism between people and technology  and provided four directions of career development in the Internet age which are shared by the students attending the lecture. In the end, Mr. Ren introduced various experiences, including resume, career planning, and recommended several good job-hunting platforms. The second part of the lecture was held by Pan Yexi, the final judge of Jiangsu University Student Career Planning Competition for five consecutive years.  According to him, students are supposed to adjust and make self-development instead of being subject to their fate. Mr. Pan also illustrated career development with examples of his own experience. students all agree that they benefit a lot form the lecture.

After that, students have better understood the current situation of the workplace, enhanced their competence of employment. The lecture has laid a good foundation for their job search in the future. 




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