Business School Held a Symposium for Open Students

Views:96Author:YAN XUERONGTimes:2019-12-23Set Up

In order to promote communication and strengthen contacts, Business School held an open student forum at Dinghuaimen East Campus at 1: 00 noon on December 22. Yuan Shourong, secretary of General Party Branch of the school, Xu Yongbing, vice president in charge of teaching, attended the forum presided over by Dong Xinling, deputy secretary of the General Party Branch.

At the forum, open students took turns to introduce themselves, exchanging their original intentions, plans and learning experience, putting forward their own ideas and suggestions on the reform and improvement of open education. Dean  Xu gave detailed and complete answers to the students' questions, stressing that on the road of continuously improving the quality of Jiangsu Open University, understanding each other and making common progress with the students are highly expected.

After listening to the participants' speeches, Secretary Yuan said that he would continue to provide comprehensive services to students, give ear to their difficulties, solve problems, improve the quality of open education to satisfy students. Finally, Secretary Dong put forward his expectations that students complete their studies on time and enhance their degree level, meanwhile, bring along more people around them to actively participate in open education with their own learning experience. 


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