Faculty of Architectal Engineering School Conducted a Research on Specialty Building at Yangzhou University

Views:10Author:YAN XUERONGTimes:2019-11-29Set Up

On the morning of November 26, 2019, led by Huang Xinhua, six key teachers from School of Architectural Engineering went to Yangzhou University for an investigation and study on the integration of disciplines and courses. Li Shengcai, vice dean of the School of Architectural Science and Engineering, Yangzhou University, teachers in charge of civil engineering specialty and teachers of experimental center participated in the meeting.

Revolving around teaching staff, specialty building, platform construction, talent training and scientific research, Li Shengcai introduced the basic information of the college. Then, teachers of experiment center displayed their virtual simulation experiment platform which was independently developed by  the college; finally, the teachers of both sides had an in-depth discussion on online and offline blended learning, construction and use of virtual simulation experiment platform.

The School of Architectural Science and Engineering of Yangzhou University takes civil engineering as their key discipline. With its advanced idea, rich experience and resources, the school has trained a large number of high-quality professionals for the society. It is expected that through this investigation, we can effectively improve integration of disciplines and courses in our school. By taking this opportunity, we will actively explore the feasibility of cooperation between the two sides in many fields, such as personnel training, scientific research, professor exchange visits and so on.


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