A Job Fair for 2020 Grade Graduates of Environmental Ecology School Held Successfully

Views:10Author:YAN XUERONG Times:2019-12-02Set Up

In order to propel employment of graduates and construct a communication platform between graduates and employers, on the afternoon of November 27, School of Environmental Ecology organized a 2020 grade graduates' job fair at Sports and Art Museum of Yingtian Campus.

The college has been attaching great importance to the job fair. After many job fair coordination meetings in the early stage, frequent contact with employers, 30 environmental and landscape architecture enterprises were finally determined to participate in the fair. With years of cooperation experience, this time, these enterprises provide many jobs of high professionalism, the recruitment posts basically cover all our various specialties .

In an animated atmosphere, school leaders had a face to face communication with employers, inquiring about their recent recruitment requirements and trend of their demand for talents  in the next few years, recommending excellent graduates to them. The graduates actively submitted their resumes, communicated with the recruiter for their demand, and fully demonstrated their professional ability and comprehensive quality.

With the increasing demand of the society for environmental and landscape architecture professionals, School of Environmental Ecology takes the market demand as orientation, constantly improves the quality of talent training, actively broadens the employment channels for graduates. The employment rate and employment quality of graduates are rising year by year. The special job fair serves as a platform to promote the communication and exchange between graduates and employers. 


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