FLTRP ? ETIC Cup National English Speaking Contest Higher Vocational Group Jiangsu Competition Held at JSCVC

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On November 7-9, 2019 FLTRP ETIC Cup National English Speaking Contest Jiangsu District Competition was held at JSCVC grandly, 188 contestants from 63 higher vocational colleges in the province displayed their elegant demeanour of English speaking on the same stage. 

At the opening ceremony held on the morning of the 8th, Vice President Zhang Xiao delivered a speech on behalf of the university. She warmly welcomed the guests, expert judges, instructors and contestants and wished the contestants excellent results. She said that language is not only a tool of communication, but also a reflection of unique culture, way of thinking and system. She encouraged students to learn English well, vocalize the voice of China in English, and tell good stories about China. Xu Qing, Deputy Director of Vocational Education Department of Jiangsu Education Department, Wang Jianping, Director of East China Information Center of FLTRP, and Professor Hu Yonghui, Secretary General of Foreign Language Teaching and Research Association for Jiangsu Colleges and Universities , delivered speeches respectively.

The competition is divided into three stages: the heat, semifinal and final. After being selected by participating schools, contestants competed on-site for semifinal and final on November 8 and 9 respectively. Semifinal took place on three venues, each of which consisted a panel of nine scoring experts and a question master. In this session, each contestant gave a 3-minute lecture entitled My big story in 2049 according to the order of drawing, and answered the questions raised by the judges briefly in one minute. In the final, subject to the topic cards, each contestant made a three-minute impromptu speech and a 1-minute impromptu response to the questions raised by the judges. After a fierce competition, three students, Lu Qinyin, Tang Na and Ding LinLin from Changzhou and Nantong, won the special prize, and will compete in the national finals as Jiangsu representatives. In addition, 19 students took the first prize , 46 took the second prize and 82, the third prize. Chen Wenting and Luo Tingjun from our academic outpost in Wuzhong are the first prize winners.

Since it was founded in 2002, “FLTRP· ETIC Cup”National English Speaking Contest has attracted much attention at home and abroad and has become one of the largest English speech events in the country with most participants and of the highest level. In July this year, “FLTRP·ETIC Cup”National Higher Vocational College English Speaking Contest, Jiangsu Provincial competition was recognized as an provincial event.

It is the 9th year in a row that Foreign Language School of Jiangsu Open University has hosted the competition . Through the competition, School of Foreign Languages has provided a comprehensive platform for higher vocational students in Jiangsu Province to demonstrate their foreign language proficiency, communication ability and speculative competence, which has strengthened the exchange and study, and enhanced the popularity and reputation of the school. With the theme of never forget the original aspirations, keep in mind the mission, School of Foreign Languages, while managing the meeting affairs, with the aid of the contest as a platform, has strengthened the publicity work of the open undergraduate education and the open curriculum, and promoted the notion of life-long learning. 




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