Face to Face: Listen to Zhao Yafu Say Yafu Spirit

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On the afternoon of November 11, Jin Lixia, deputy secretary of the party Committee and vice-president , led a team of all Party members from propaganda department , student affairs office, the league committee and School of Public Administration to visit Zhao Yafu  deeds memorial hall in Jurong and the Daizhuang agroecological base. They had a face-to-face exchange with Zhao Yafu, listening to Zhao Yafu's Yafu spirit  story. 

 Zhao Yafu dwelled on his mental course in the work related to agriculture, rural areas and farmers in the past 58 years. From education experience to leading all the villagers of DaiZhuang Village out of poverty and to wealth after retirement, Zhao Yafu told in vivid and simple language the process of his determination to change the countryside and help local peasants get rich. Under his leadership, Dai Zhuang Village has been free of agricultural fertilizer for 12 years, wild macaques and wild giant salamanders have appeared in the fields, solar energy fuels more than 95% of energy consumption in the village, farmers' income has increased tenfold, which actually demonstrates the notion of Lucid waters and lush mountains are invaluable assets”. Zhao said that the task of implementing rural revitalization is arduous, but he will always practice his promise made when he joined the party, act in accordance with instructions of General Secretary Xi Jinping, continue learning and serve the peasants for his whole life.

Jin Lixia said that Comrade Zhao Yafu’s life-long service for the peasants is a fulfillment of his promise to the Party , the aspiration and the mission of contemporary communists. As a member of Communist Party, Comrade Zhao Yafu has completed the party's commitment to the peasants and, as a scientific and technical worker, he has completed his scientific commitment to the land. She stressed that we should actively inherit Yafu spirit, and stick to cultivating people through virtue. The spirit will also inspire each of the educators in Jiangsu Open University to improve the political standing, to strengthen our sense of mission and to make more efforts in the future work.

After the symposium, on behalf of the university, Jin Lixia presented a calligraphy work of our teacher which read: walk with Yafu, be of one mind with the masses, keep pace with the times.

  In the memorial hall, the Party members carefully studied the personnel trace of Zhao Yafu, viewed photos of Zhao Yafu and peasants working in the field , physical display and video of his being awarded model of the times. Comrade Zhao Yafu has long been rooted in the countryside, dedicated to agriculture and been serving the peasants. In order to shake off poverty in areas of the Maoshan, to explore a way of agriculture modernization, to make local peasants better off, he will try his best. By keeping in mind the purpose, the belief, the spirit of working for the masses, the true care for the grass-roots, the dedication to science and technology and adherence to study and reform, Zhao never stops his innovation, pioneering spirit, indifference to fame and fortune, he deeply impressed everybody present. 

After that, all Party members visited the production base of DaiZhuang ecological agriculture, which has condensed the painstaking efforts of Zhao Yafu, fruit trees such as Japanese sweet persimmon, thin-shell mountain walnut and peach are full of vitality. The space under the trees is also utilized rationally for raising chicken and sheep. The fruitful orchards and natural organic agricultural products have attracted the visiting party members to stop to watch.


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