A Founding Congress of Alumni Association of Colleges Held at JSCVC

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On the morning of November 17, on this beautiful day of early winter, we held a grand meeting of alumni association in the lecture hall on Dinghuaimen campus. President Cui Xinyou, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee, Vice President Jin Lixia, Vice President You Jiachun, Alumni Council members, Alumni Representatives, all members of Preparatory Working Group, Alumni Association Office members attended the founding congress presided over by Jin Lixia.

On the occasion, President Cui Xinyou delivered a speech entitled hand-in-hand, creating the future of a high-level open university. Combining his own life, working experience and activities of alumni, he said that each alumnus is a walking business card of his mother school which reflects the culture and style of the school. In view of our orientation, width of education, the wide range of students, our emphasis on students' application ability and comprehensive quality, President Cui made affectionate remarks to all the alumni and called on them to bear in mind the initial aspiration of learning, stand up to difficulties, march forward together, jointly promote the construction of home school and form an alumni culture with open university characteristics. In the end, he hoped that all the alumni and the Alumni Association should strengthen the construction of their own organizations and the construction of the platform to serve as a bond for the alumni.

Vice President You Jiachun read out “a reply on agreeing to the establishment of alumni association branches in JSCVC”. Liu Tao, director of the alumni association office, delivered the preparatory work report on behalf of the leading groups. Zou Jia, secretary of the Party General Branch of Design School, expressed on behalf of the colleges that the alumni association branches would continue to strengthen the organizational construction, internal management, innovation of the working mechanism, alumni service, and would contribute to the construction and development of home school. Han Weizhan, alumni representative, chairman of Nanjing Jinqianhua Human Resources Co., Ltd., a major of computer science in grade 2009, said that he will take the opportunity to carry forward the spirit and fine tradition of alma mater, gather more alumni, and share the mission of honoring the home school. At the meeting, school leaders delivered plaques to the alumni association branches.

After that, colleges held the first board meeting to discuss the list of directors, constitutions of association.

The establishment of alumni association branch of each college marks a new stage of our alumni work, and provides a powerful guarantee for further strengthening the relationship between the school and alumni, perfecting the organization and management system of alumni work, and giving full play to the role of alumni. Each college branch will join hands with the alumni to write a new chapter in the open university alumni culture!


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