The 1st Phase of Counselor's Salon Held at JSCVC

Views:10Author:YAN XUERONGTimes:2019-09-27Set Up

In order to enhance the professional ability of counselors and promote the professionalization, specialization and further development of counselors, all our counselors participated in the first phase of counselors salon in autumn 2019 in room 1004 of the library on the morning of September 25. The salon was hosted by the Institute of Foreign languages, attended by Zou Benping, a counselor, Liu Tao,director of Student Affairs Office, Bao Huijun,deputy director , Zhang Qiong, deputy secretary of the Party General Branch of  Foreign language Institute , Gu Chen, deputy secretary of Information Engineering Institute, and more than 20 counselors.

The theme of this salon is learn about non-violent communication, learn the language of love, help students out of the hurt and pain in interpersonal relationships. Starting with a film, Zou Benping introduced the concept of non-violent communication, the mode and manifestation of violent communication. Focusing on the four elements of non-violent communication: observation, feeling, need, request, and combined with her own students management experience, she shared methods of application of non-violent communication in some situations. Later , Xu Yongzhen dwelled on the non-violence to help students solve interpersonal contradictions taking as an example a guidance on solving dormitory contradictions in the Institute of Architectural Engineering. 

This is the first time that we organize  counselor’s work salon activity . In an relaxing atmosphere, counselors learned the knowledge by sharing their own experience, everybody listened attentively and actively participated in the interaction. Director Liu Tao gave full affirmation to teacher Zou's careful preparation and the effect of the activity, moreover, he gave guidance to the contents and themes of the salon activities in the future. 


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