Translation and Exchange of General Secretary Xi’s Quotes, an Activity by Teachers and Party Members of the Second Party Branch of Foreign Language Institute

Views:10Author:YAN XUERONGTimes:2019-10-21Set Up

Recently, in line with the theme of remaining true to our original aspirations and bearing in mind the mission, members of the second Party Branch of the Institute of Foreign languages conscientiously studied the speeches made by General Secretary Xi Jinping at many important meetings, and each party member was encouraged. Taking this opportunity, the branch organizes party members and teachers to carry out translation, exchange and display  of General Secretary Xi's important speech. Each party member teacher selects memorized quotes from the important speeches of the general secretary, translates them into English, and writes hard-written calligraphy works to communicate with each other.

At the conference of ideological and political work of the national university, General Secretary stressed that all kinds of courses should be in the same direction as the ideological and political theory course to form a synergistic effect, which requires higher quality of professional teachers. Foreign language teachers are supposed to be excellent in professional competence, and shoulder the responsibility of carrying forward the core values of socialism and the mission of Chinese culture. As a combination of theme education and actual work, this activity has investigated and displayed the professionalism of foreign language teachers.


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