President Cui Xinyou Conducted an Investigation on Poverty Alleviation under the Theme of Remaining true to Our Original Aspirations and Keeping in Mind the Mission

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According to the university’s investigation work arrangement under the theme of remaining true to our aspirations, keeping in mind the mission , President Cui Xinyou went to Yan Huang Village in Huai'an, for an investigation of poverty alleviation on the afternoon of October 15.

Cui Xinyou and his team went to a base farm and industrial park, investigated the breeding base, the characteristic industry planting base and industrial park, learning in detail the situation of dorper sheep breeding, Gualou planting. President Cui inquired Sun Guojun, captain of the provincial party committee team stationed in Lianshui, and Gao Zhengfei, secretary of the Party Committee of Donghuji Town, about the situation of our university's help in the village. Sun Guojun and others spoke highly of the support given by JSCVC and affirmed the efforts and achievements made by Comrade Chen Jingjiang, our first secretary stationed in the village. At the party and mass activity center of Yan Huang Village Department, Cui Xinyou talked to the local villagers to encouraged them to cheer up the spirit, strengthen confidence, and improve the quality of life.

Cui Xinyou stressed in his speech that during the critical period of poverty alleviation, JSCVC will continue our pursuit of original aspiration with the mission firmly in mind, learn the important exposition of General Secretary Xi Jinping on poverty alleviation work, strengthen implementation, and focus on the following work: first, enhance the political position, deepen our relation with the masses, and do a good job of targeted poverty alleviation; second, take initiative to give full play to the advantages of university resources and disciplines, and help rural revitalization and construction; third, highlight the key points of work, actively support and help open up channels between villagers’ high-quality agricultural products and the market.

   The investigation came on the eve of the National Poverty Alleviation Day. JSCVC donated funds for the construction of village medical & health system and aided local low-income farmers financially.      





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