Business School Organized the First Lesson for Freshmen

Views:10Author:YAN XUERONGTimes:2019-09-11Set Up

   At 8: 30 am on September 8, all the freshmen of 13 classes, grade 2019 of Business School, led by freshmen counselors and head teachers, attended the first lesson of orientation.
   The teachers in charge of the classes elaborated in details on the connotation of specialty, course study, post practice, graduation requirement, employment direction, etc., and led the freshmen to study the discipline of students, the regulations of student status, the  evaluation of awards so that the students have had a preliminary understanding of professional learning. Counselors encourage freshmen to actively participate in the extracurricular activities, learn professional courses well, participate in social practice activities, and strive to learn to think, to learn, to plan, and to live. In addition, the counselors also focused on fraud, campus loans, pyramid selling and other campus security issues, referring to vivid cases to remind freshmen of their self-protection awareness , the students listened patiently and took notes carefully.
  A starting point marks a new journey. For the orientation, class teachers and counselors answered the freshman's doubts about study and development in time, and guided the students to self-management, self-education and self-development. According to the characteristics of various specialties, the college will carry out various forms of admission education and professional education one after another, so as to help freshmen make a smooth transition to university life.




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