School of Architectural Engineering Volunteers Participated in the First Kite Flying Festival of Wong Shan Road Community

Views:53Author:YAN XUERONGTimes:2018-12-12Set Up

In order to care for the healthy growth of the children, promote the friendship among citizens and enhance the social experience of students, Jiangsu City Vocational College Architectural and Engineering School together with the Spark Community, Huangshan Road Community, Kite Association, organized the first kite flying festival in Nanjing Green Olympic Park in Jianye District on November 25th. Seven volunteers from school of Architectural Engineering participated in the event.

The event organized the children and parents of the citizens' families, activists of the Huangshan Road community, and about 70 volunteers to come to the Green Olympic Park, where the flight guidance teacher took responsibility of release area and the technical guidance for the release. Volunteers were provided with a list of participants and the contact information of the person in charge. The volunteers explained the purpose and safety of the flight to the children at the scene, and then led the children to fly kites and took care of their children's safety.

The event not only helped people learn more about the Kite Flying Festival, but also gave volunteers born after 2000 a chance to exercise. Volunteers say these activities are not only meaningful, but also build up their abilities, engaging them more with society.


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