School of Architectural Engineering carries out a series of reading festivals with the theme of infiltrating into books and achieving life essence

Views:17Author:YAN XUERONGTimes:2018-12-11Set Up

   In order to give full play to the cultural function of library and further promote the construction of campus culture, from September to November, school of Architectural Engineering successfully held a series of reading festivals on the theme of infiltrating into books and achieving life essence. During the thematic reading activity month, the school organized and mobilized students to actively participate in reading, share the fun of reading and learn to achieve the value of life. They also held  campus reading festival emblem design competition the book that most affected me micro-book review, the pursuit of light and color theme photography contest  and I volunteer so I am happy graphic design competition.

Students showed a high level of enthusiasm in the Reading Festival series of activities, carefully designing and painting a book full of works. A total of 38 works, 46 photographic works, 49 micro-book reviews and 25 graphic design works were collected. A total of 40 works were selected from the aspects of design, overall effect and innovation to participate in the school library reading festival.

Through holding a series of reading festival activities, they aim for the purpose of cultivating students' good habits of reading, creating a strong learning atmosphere, enriching the campus life of students, and deepening the construction of a literary campus culture.


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