School of Media and Design Studies Xi Jinping's 7.2 important speech and the spirit of the League's 18th National Congress

Views:13Author:YAN XUERONGTimes:2018-12-11Set Up

In order to study in depth General Secretary Xi Jinping's 7.2 important speech and the spirit of the 18th National Congress of the League, to help league cadres at all levels profoundly understand the responsibility and mission of youth work, and to guide the healthy growth of League members, The 2018 League branch of the School of Media and Design organized students to study the relevant tutoring courseware and watched the video. After the concentrated study, each League branch organized the classmates to share the learning experience and the exchange experience, the League branch construction.

The college regards this subject study as an important part of freshmen's entrance education and strengthens the construction of the regiment. The continued development of learning activities has encouraged the students to further strengthen the four consciousness and four self-confidence of the League members. They have a deeper understanding of the mission of the youth of the new era and have consciously obeyed the party, following the Party, studying hard, daring to practice, and striving to be constructors of the new era of national rejuvenation.


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