Arts Festival on A New Stage: A Successful Closing of 2018 Art Festival of Business School Freshmen

Views:48Author:YAN XUERONGTimes:2018-11-10Set Up

On 28 June, with the completion of my Dream keynote speech contest, the 2018 freshman Art Festival of Business School concluded successfully. The festival includes five events: singing, host, speech, dance and photography. More than 210 freshmen from 2018 participated in the competition.

The “campus new generation” singing competition is the prelude of this art festival. The contestants had the choice of popular songs and classic old songs, bringing the charm of music to the audience. The “gold microphone” host competition consisted self-introduction, basic work display and the on-site resilience activities. The competition process was tense and full of fun, and the players could learn from each other. dance contest provided a stage for dance lovers to show individual's colorful life. In the my Dream speech contest, some contestants talked about their dreams from their growth path, and others talked about their ideals from the point of view of things that have a deep impact on them. The Beautiful hometown photography competition attracted more than 80 students, who took advantage of the National Day holiday to go home to take pictures of the natural beauty, historical monuments, people's life, characteristic culture, and expressed their love for their hometown through photographic works. A total of 65 students won prizes at the festival.

The 2018 Art Festival of Business School freshmen has set up a stage for students to display their talents and spread their individuality, which enriches extracurricular life of students and promotes the connotation of campus culture.


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