Effective Communication Among Professionals -Lecture on Entrepreneurship at the Institute of Environment and Ecology

Views:40Author:颜雪蓉Times:2018-05-28Set Up

On the afternoon of May 16th, school of environment ans ecology held a lecture for graduates of 2019, TongYinghan, director of training department of Jiangsu Navigation talent development company was invited to deliver the lecture on the topic of “effective communication among professionals”

Centering on “listening and speaking”Ms Tong elaborated on the techniques of communication in a professional setting, by inviting students to participate in interactive games, she showcased the importance of one-way and two-way communication, then, she explained the process of communication, the characteristics of Chinese communication, mindset, effective communication, which benefited students a lot. When interpreting the element of “listening”, Tong rolled out her explenation in two aspects:five hierarchies of listening and empathy. With vivid cases, students were motivated to participate.

The humorous style and active interaction contributed to a harmonious atmosphere. This lecture has delivered to our graduates some effective tactics of communication in a professional setting and greater confidence and ambition in their employment application.


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