The Institute of Architecture and Engineering has organized public welfare activities with many media and units, focusing on "vulnerable group"

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March 31, Jianhao Volunteers Associationof  Jiangsu City Vocational College of Architectural Engineering Institute, in alliance with Modern Express, Nanjing Spark Public Welfare Development Center, Double Gate Street Youth League, Hakka Public service center, fire sparks Public service group, went into the Nanjing Mochou Handicapped Care Center, to do public goods together, concerned with a group of slow Flying ( Slow flying is a a nickname of mental handicapped ), holding a  celebration themed Happy Spring, Birthday blessing. There are 35 slow flying, the youngest 16-Year-old and the largest 60-year-old. Most of them are adults, but the mind is like a child. Before the event,  volunteers and social caring people have done a survey, and learned that their family cannot afford birthday celebrations for them very often, some people even never had a birthday party, so volunteers planned the party activities. On hearing the news, some people were too excited to sleep. The activity was scheduled at 1 o'clock in the afternoon, but some people  could not wait for it and arrived at the spot before daybreak.    

Blowing candles, sharing cakes, they were so excited. The volunteers also brought delicious snacks, small gifts, badminton rackets, table tennis rackets, which made the Angels in the center very happy. These angels are very hands-on. Volunteers from the school brought a professional-related building model, and they played with the model, almost broke the model, they laughed. Volunteers feel that they are somewhat inferior to them, a little embarrassed. Although not very smart, the angels like to have contact with new things, volunteers took out phones, taught them to use QQ, we chat patiently. The 4-hour volunteer activities are unforgettable.The older people grow, the more sophisticated they become, many times we bear much pressure, to cope with interpersonal relationship, simplicity and purity has been so rare and precious.  Volunteer Wang said, in the communication with these handicapped people, that simple rare smile lingered in his mind, leaving to him peace and happiness.


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