The business school organized a tour for students at Xuanwu Lake

Views:25Author:颜雪蓉Times:2018-04-13Set Up

March 31, Business School organized students as well as photography enthusiasts to carried out a tour of photography at Xuanwu Lake. Huang He, Shi Jianhong, Xu Minjie, Zhou Guanwei and other four teachers from the committee of caring for the next generation were invited to participate in the activity. 

Under the guidance of teachers, students have picked up cameras or mobile phones to shoot beautiful scenery. Xu Minjie explained to the students the knowledge of photography, students joined different groups led by teachers enjoying the lake in spring, meanwhile recording the beautiful vision, with a simple lens . The tour has deepened the communication between the old comrades and the young students, played the skills of the old comrades, and improved the photographic technique and aesthetic accomplishment of the students.


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