Portraying Lei Feng in your Heart--Health and Endowment Education Institute carry out learning from Lei Feng theme education activity

Views:38Author:颜雪蓉Times:2018-03-21Set Up

In order to carry forward the socialist core values, and advocate students to learn from Lei Feng who served the people with self-sacrificing dedication, health and Endowment Education College Regiment, student Union, Hui Mei Painting Society combined with professional characteristics and students have organizedportraying Leifeng in your heart theme education activities, more than 100 students responded positively to the call. The so-called Lei Feng Spirit, which is named after Lei Feng, with the spirit of Lei Feng as the basic connotation, has constantly enriched and developed the revolutionary spirit in practice, its essence and core is serving the masses wholeheartedly. The image of Lei Feng can be a PLA soldier of selfless dedication, can be a helpful student for nothing in return, a hard working, unknown teacher, or ordinary parents pf selfless dedication, and even a silent hand to help strangers. Finally, two students won the first prize, two students won the second and the third prize respectively. Through this painting activities, students are promoted to have an emotional understanding of Lei Feng Spirit, more students are willing to help others, willing to dedicate, inheriting the spirit of Lei Feng.


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