Environmental and Ecological Institute held a promotion meeting for the 2018 National Natural Science Fund Project Declaration

Views:157Author:颜雪蓉Times:2018-03-05Set Up

Environment and Ecology College organized a meeting on February 25 afternoon, in the 8 floor meeting room, to promote the 2018 National Natural Science Fund Project Declaration. 8 Declaration teachers from School of Environment and Ecology attended this meeting.

First of all, 8 responsible personfor state-based project declarationreported the progress of the Declaration, focusing on the basis of the declaration, research content, key issues, technical routes and participating team and research base.After listening to the report, Fang Qun, deputy director of the college analyzed key points and points of attention of the 2018 National Natural Science Fund Project Guide and made recommendations for improvement, focusing on the form of report writing, the formation of research team and the integration of research conditions. Finally,Ganpaid tribute to participants and said that in the final stage of the Declaration ,everyone should stay focused, he expected a new breakthrough in the quality of the declaration.


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