Business School holds Jiangsu Open Course Declaration Internal Review Meeting

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On March 1 morning, business School 2018 spring Semester Jiangsu Open Course Declaration internal review was held on the East campus.

The meeting was chaired by Zhu Changchun, deputy Dean of the College, Zhangxiao,directorof subject construction department participated in this meeting, as a school review expert. Dean Cao Jiaomou, party secretary Lu Weizing, Xiangjin, head of specialty of industial and commercial enterprise management was the director.

12 people in charge of the courses from enterprises, industry, Changzhou Open University, Lianyungang Open University, Huai ' an Open University and College introduced the curriculum Declaration, construction Task book, Syllabus, Teaching design integration program to review experts in turn. They also explained the ideas and planning for course construction.Experts patiently listened to the reports, carefully reviewed the declaration material. They made comments on the practice of teaching, teaching content, teaching design, school assignment, textbook selection, video recording and other aspects, not only affirming the strong points, but also proposing amendments for the shortcomings the to improve the courses. Among them, Cao Jiaomouproposed that the course construction advance with the times, attention should be paid to the introduction of the most cutting-edge content and technology to enhance the competitiveness of students. Meanwhile, industry participation in talent training will become a trend, industry, enterprises and school teachers are supposed to build courses, pay attention to the integration of industry and teaching content.

Finally, Zhangxiaomade a concluding statement, she gave affirmation to what the school of business had done in the first week of the new symester for course construction, indicating that the subject construction department will cooperate with business school actively. She said that the task of curriculum construction is heavy, the teachers who participate in the declaration should communicate with experienced teachers, learn to use the new platform, and get prepared.

Next, based on problems detected by the internal review, the business school will further to specify the normative and detailed requirements on open education in teaching design, practical teaching and other aspects of, and to promote curriculum and resource construction, enhancethe level of open education teaching continuously


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