Special Guidance Meeting of Building Excellent Courses Held in Our College

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In the afternoon 3rd May, special guidance meeting of building excellent courses was held by the course construction department in the Dinghuaimen campus. Deans in charge of the teaching affairs of the faculties and 18 directors of the third batch of excellent courses attended the meeting.

Sun Xu, director of resource construction center, Jiang Chunyan, vice director of dean’s office, and Gan Fangqun, vice dean of the faculty of environment and ecology, were invited to give guidance in the meeting. Director Sun emphasized that the courses should be based on the experience of students. He pointed that there were still some problems in the courses, such as lack of resources, interaction and online guidance.

Mrs. Jiang introduced the background, current situation, target, instructional design and effect feedback of hybrid teaching, and she also explained to us by several hybrid teaching cases.

Mrs. Gan shared his inspiration of support from huge resources, flexible course structures and enhancement from conclusions.

ZhangXiao,director of the course construction department stressed some misunderstandings of excellent courses. She urged the faculties to do well in administration and supervision, to help achieving the target of course construction. The teams should always be on the way of course construction.

 Photo 1:Guidance meeting

 Photo 1:Director Sun Xu

 Photo 3:Vice director Jiang Chunyan

Photo 4:Vice dean Gan Fangqun

(Photographed and written by:Dai Lijuan)


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